Saturday, July 4, 2015

Saturdays Streaming Link 4 Freedompalooza 2015

(Rain Delay 1:30 start time)

Morning started out with a light drizzle around 6am. 
It is just finishing up now for the rest of the day
Beautiful weather and temperatures for the rest of the day...

Jammed packed schedule ahead.
Please tune in and spread the link around to freedom loving patriots.
This will be the only link needed for today. Freedompalooza has its own page at UCY
Happy Fourth of July or what we call forefathers day weekend....
Safe Travels everyone.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

2015 Speaker and Band List


Merlin Miller
Art Larson
Cyndi Steele
Eli James
Jeanice Bartello
Phil Berg
Trevor Labonte  (Political Analyist)
Corinna Rachel (Psych Truth)
Ken Krawchuck 
Mark Koernke
Don Boetchner
Tarrah Topete
Angela Jackson
Corinna Rachel
Audra Cruder
Jim Rizoli
Jim Condit
AFPs Pete Papahericles
Paul Topete

Musical Acts

 Poker Face
 Doug Hawk
 Jason Hendrington
Cats in Space Suits
Miners Keepers
Eli James & friends
Andrew Sholly