Saturday, June 13, 2015

FREEDOMPALOOZA 2015 will be July 2nd thru the 5th

This Freedompalooza is being dedicated to the Giants of our Truth movement that have died/murdered since last year starting with Brother Jim Traficant, Edgar Steele,
and Michael Collins Piper

Speakers and Band/Performers list to follow shortly

Friday, June 12, 2015

Trevor Labontes Wrap Up of Freedompalooza IV 2014

Trevor Labontes Wrap Up of Freedompalooza IV 2014

Freedom Palooza, a fun-filled, family-oriented, three-day camp out in Kintsnersville, Pennsylvania, was held over the 4th of July weekend, and was attended by many top figures in the truth community, such as Rep. James Traficant, Merlin Miller, Ret. Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski, Cindy Steele, Larry Sinclair, Jim Condit Jr, Paul Topete, Tarrah Beth, James Freeland, myself, AFPs Dave Gahary, Pete Papaherakles, Brothers Joe and Jim Rizoli, Art Larson, Phil Berg, and many others, most of them delivering speeches. In addition, there were many bands like PokerFace, The Tank, Secret System, Trevor and Corrina, Doug Hawk, Jason Hedrington, and many others.
Freedompalooza 2014 was the fourth annual gathering organized by PokerFace singer/guitarist and anti-NWO luminary Paul Topete, and it is the only event of its kind in the country, bringing together people from all over to meet each other, compare notes, and plan the way forward out of the current mess in which America finds itself. Bands, speakers, journalists, activists, sunshine, and campfires at night are all part of the festivities, all at the low cost of $25 per day, or $50 for all three days. Freedompalooza was created to bring togetherness to the truth community, and is not run for profit.
The featured bands used their artistic gifts to awaken people to the atrocities of jewish central banking, i.e. the Rothschild-manufactured world wars, economic crashes, and famines, as well as the horrific 67 year ongoing plight of the Palestinian people, an the wars and fraudulent "revolutions" taking place at the hands of zionist proxy forces in places such as Syria and Ukraine, while most musicians misuse their gifts for personal gain, never trying to wake up the people. The kind of acts that perform at Freedom Palooza are the way of the future.
James Freeland AKA James Jjinks of the popular internet podcast program, "Against the Wall," officiated brilliantly, delivering powerful, inspiring impromptu speeches between the other acts. I felt a special kinship with this brother, he is so awake and speaks with such common sense.
At this year's event, the wonderful, un-deterable, and always unflappable Jim Traficant announced his CANDIDACY FOR U.S. PRESIDENT, and unveiled a miraculous golden opportunity for America to KILL THE ROTHSCHILD BANK's unconstitutional stranglehold on America. It is called "Project Freedom," and it is a brilliant and necessary move if we want to survive! The banking system is the head of the snake, and a majority of the world's problems will quickly be solved when these talmudic fraudsters can no longer control America. Remember, it is Zio-America that regularly vetoes all attempts to charge Israel with human rights violations at the U.N., itself yet another tool of corrupt jewish power. Project Freedom will end corruption, and then Israel will not be able to get away with stealing from the American people, and will also not be able to get away with its genocide in the Middle East! Also, the Rothschilds will not be able to railroad America into any more of it's demonic, expansionist wars. Support, Jim Traficant has the antidote to jewish power!
Cindy Steele's talk detailed the treachery of the DHS and FBI, who framed her husband, author Edgar J. Steele, in a murder-for-hire set-up complete with doctored recordings of Ed, with actors spliced in, which fooled the jury into convicting. Edgar is serving a 50-year prison sentence for allegedly plotting to kill Cindy, a crime of which he is innocent, all out of an act of jewish desperation, because he is awake, he is highly critical of jewish power and the holocaust myth, and he had a large audience. Edgar Steele is a sharp-witted and articulate man, and the tribe could not withstand the pounding they were receiving as a result of his bold truth-telling. The jewish media has lied about him, he is not a white-supremacist, nor was he looking for a Ukrainian mail-order bride, as they have claimed. He was only ever a good husband to Cindy, and he happened to be researching the Israeli sex-slave industry, which ensnares many young women from Ukraine, who then live in cages, shackled like animals, owned by filthy talmudic rabbis, and subjected to the most horrifying and bestial crimes. Cindy knew all about Ed's research because he shared it with her every step of the way, yet they claim Ed's supposed "search for a Ukrainian bride" is the "motive." Again, the story has many twists and turns, so make sure you listen to Cindy's brave speech. FREE EDGAR STEELE! President Traficant will see to that!
American anti-zionist independent film director, writer, and producer Merlin Miller announced that he is close to the production phase of his big-budget movie about Israel's attack on the USS Liberty. Public knowledge of the USS Liberty attack, with all it's implications, will certainly be a game-changer with regards to America's blind support of Israel, with all its corruption and atrocities. Kudos to Merlin, who has attended all four Freedom Palooza festivals since he was campaigning for US President in 2011! Merlin is a great American, and a very sane, rational and responsible leader, and a tippy-top figure in the movement for America to break its zionist chains in order to return to peace and prosperity. Look for his film when it comes out. Merlin's website is, and make sure to keep up with his Eagle's Blog.
Jim and Joe Rizoli, the "Holocaust Denier Extraordinaire" brothers, were an absolute joy to visit with. Apparently a vast majority of people are still asleep to the fact that ALL the "evidence" of "Nazi gassings" amounts to some phony "eyewitnesses" at Nuremberg, who couldn't even correctly identify that victims of cyanide gassings turn cherry-red, not blue. This means that the "witnesses" had never seen a single person gassed! Not only is the holocaust a lie--it is a badly constructed and easily debunk-able lie at that. If six million jews died, then why did their global population go UP by nearly a half-million during WW II? that is almost a 50% INCREASE in 7 years! The Holocaust myth is one of the founding myths of Israel, so Holocaust truth will destroy Israel and international jewry's power, and the Rizoli brothers with their Massachusetts accents, razor-sharp wit, and caustic humor, are two of the best at getting the truth out and entertaining people at the same time, and I thank the Rizolis for making the 5 hour trip to Freedompalooza.
Art Larson of dazzled the audience with a mind-blowing, information-packed talk on the omni-presence of the jewish mafia in America. Art is an encyclopedia of specifics on who is connected to this tribal crime syndicate, and he has done all the work necessary to give us what we need to protect ourselves from this malevolent, parasitical entity. He spoke at Freedom Palooza about how to know if the jewish crime syndicate is infesting your town. Do you have Common Core curriculum in your school system? Laidlaw school buses? BFI trash and recycling? Then you have a jewish gangster infestation, and you need go to the school board and the Chamber of Commerce and loudly demand to know why people who are supposed to represent your community are collecting kickbacks from the jewish mafia. is a top-notch website which should be studied intently by all for info on how to, by knowing all the necessary specifics, take back control of what rightfully belongs to WE THE PEOPLE, not jewish criminals.
Also in attendance was a man known to me only as "Greg," who is a member of the 2000+ "Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth." Greg knew all about the holocaust lies, the lies about Syria and Ukraine, the Talmud, and all the rest of it. We had a fascinating discussion by the big campfire. Although A&E for 9/11 Truth is purely a scientific organization, rest assured that THEY KNOW that Israel is responsible. One would have to be an utter fool not to, what with Larry Silverstein's confession on a PBS documentary that he demolished WTC himself on 9/11. How was it pre-rigged? Israel is going to get what is coming, there is no doubt, with great guys like Greg being with A&E for 9/11 Truth. Apparently a few jews are members of the organization, and, as is the case within the Palestinian freedom movement, these tribal operators censor the discussion, so no matter what the crime, the jewishness of its perpetrators is never on the table as a factor. How convenient!
All three nights, great discussions around the big campfire did not cease until nearly sunrise. Not one person was talking about anything frivolous. One night, I found myself seated between to discussions, trying to listen to both at once. One was taking place between the aforementioned Art Larson and American Free Press' Pete Papaherakles, and on the other side, Cindy Steele was being interviewed by American Free Press' Dave Gahary. I tried to employ my "jazz musician listening skills" to absorb all I could.
Freedompalooza is definitely the place to be over the 4th of July. I made friends with dozens of important people, and it was an invaluable experience. Anyone, especially if they live anywhere nearby, is completely remiss if they do not come out to this celebration of friendship and truth, there really is no excuse not to make it.
Our brother Paul Topete has done a great thing for America and the world by creating Freedompalooza. His band, Poker Face, which has six classic albums out, played an inspiring set of patriotic protest rock. Soon, Freedompalooza events will be held in other parts of the country, because that is exactly what is needed-- for us all to get together in person to join forces to take out the bank and return the money power to Congress to neutralize the corrupt jewish power mainframe, just like is written in the US Constitution. When America frees itself of it's foreign entanglements with Israel, it will have everything to do with the people who made friends at Freedompalooza, so, again, there is no excuse not to make it out to the festivities next year.