Friday, July 4, 2014



Speaker and Band list for Freedompalooza IV

Thursday     BANDS                                SPEAKERS
7                    Trevor/Corinna                   Tarrah
8                    Poker Face                          Cyndi Steele
9                    Storm                                   Paul

Friday       BANDS                                  SPEAKERS
12              Mike Whitemore   Bobby V    Blake Jackson 1
1                          MW                               Phil Berg
2                 Corinna and Trevor               C/T  -Michael Adams 2
3                 Freak Flag Flash                    Cyndi Steele
4                Dave Cahill                              Karen Kwiatowski
5                Jim Loftus                               AFPs   1Dave Gahary    C/T
6                Jason Hedrington                       2Pete Papahericles    MA
7                Doug Hawk                                Larry Sinclair
8                 Poker Face                                Jim Condit
9                STORM                                    Mark Koernke

Saturday        BANDS                                     SPEAKERS
12                   MW / C&T                              Ken Krawchuck                          
1                     Peter James                              Rodney Martin
2                     Rick Denzien                            -Paul Fromm
3                     Scott Marshall                         Eli James/Eli James Band
4                    Jack Blood                                Jack Blood 
5                    TBA                                         Merlin Miller
6                    Secret System                           Rizoli brothers
7                    Poker Face                                 Jim Condit
8                   TRAFICANT                             Traficant
9                   The TANK                                 Art Larson

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Freedompalooza 2014 
coming July 3rd - July 6th
this year

We will be doing a soft build on Thursday night with 3 bands and 3 speakers. Its the night when those wanting to camp thru the whole weekend are encouraged to come and setup. Nothing like seeing everyone all set up in place, waking up on Forefathers day... to kick the weekend off right....

For those lovers of Liberty and Truth, there is NOTHING like Freedompalooza (FP4) going on in this country. Most say they love the truth, but most cant handle it.

Freedompalooza is about bringing the best truth speakers in the country and matching it up with great music, and then ending each night with a killer bonfire where Patriots become friends...

Please join us for a weekend to remember...
For answers to your questions please call 610 434 8775
and leave a message, telephone number and the best time to call back