Saturday, August 31, 2013

Awesome NEWS....
More leaders need to dress these anti-AMerican, Anti-Human parasites down of the ADL/SPLC.
Waters has balls and tells the ADL to f - off british style...

Monday, July 8, 2013


Freedompalooza 2014 speaker and band list are already filling up.
Set aside July 4th - 6th 2014 where we will be doing it all again
next year...

We want to thank EVERYONE who was involved in helping put on this awesome and extended extravaganza over several days. From the team that put it on to the great bands that played and the speakers who spoke.

We are looking to put together a DVD of all of the speakers from all three years.
Even before the fest happened, we received several calls of folks asking for it.
So we will try to put it together in a timely fashion, and let you know where you can get a copy...

PEACE BE WITH!!! and God bless... See you all again next year

Poker Face and Freedompalooza
What can i say about FREEDOMPALOOZA 2013.... "IT WAS AMAZING!!

Rep. Jim Traficant Vs ADL Attack Of Pokerface Paul Topete Speech@Freedompalooza 3 (July 5, 2013)

Paul Topete, 07 04 13 First day speech at Freedompalooza 3

Tarrahbeth on GMO vs Local Food Revolution  at Freedompalooza

AFPs Pete Papa Heriklis Speech at freedompalooza 2013

AFPs DAve Gaharys SPeech at Freedompalooza 2013

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

FP3 LOGO for 2013

Praying for great weather... Speakers and bands are ready to go. Should be a special event this time around. Keeps getting better and better. Think about camping out and hanging out with us by the bonfire each night after the entertainment dies down on the main stage...

LIVE STREAMING....... We are working on this to bring you live video from the festival

Monday, June 10, 2013

                                    HOT OFF THE AFP (American Free Press) Presses

Friday, May 24, 2013

FREEDOMPALOOZA 2013    July 4th - 6th

Where Patriots become friends

Starting in the evening on the fourth of July after most folks have said goodbye to their families and friends party's, that will be the gathering time and start of the 3rd annual Freedompalooza Music festival.

Located in picturesque Kintnersville, PA in upper Bucks county where Rts 611 and rts 32 meet at the bridge. It is held at the famous Johnny Macs American Grill on 22 acres that is next to the Delaware river. Just a few miles up from where Gen Washington crossed the Delaware River to route the Hessians, and change the whole direction of Americas Revolutionary War. With that in mind, FP3 will be a gathering of great music, most of it original, and a lot of it in the protest vein, together with some of the greatest truth tellers of our time. Many who have paid the price for their voice, that have kept us out of harms way, or a worse fleecing then the one we already get.

Come join us for 3 days and nights of camping, music and chats around the bonfire. Actually, it might be the best part of each day. This is a family oriented event. It is also a BYOB (ie Beer, bring ID) event, but NO HARD LIQUOR.

Remember, its a place to get away from your normal routine, to hear some great music and information you may have never heard.

We will be updating this site often with new speakers and bands, so check back often.
Vendors or Questions, please contact

We will be posting a list of bands and speakers this coming Memorial Day weekend
Costs: 30$ for the 3 days
or 15$ a day includes event parking

2013 Speakers Confirmed

A. Larson -

Appleseed Project – teaching the next generation of Americans about their Fore Fathers

Atty Phil Berg –

Clyde Freeman - Innocent Down project
Dave Gahary (AFP)
James Freeland

Jason Hedrington

Jim Condit Jr – Money Talk

John Clarke – Immigration Reform
Larry Sinclair -
PatricK Patriot or compatriot – PA Militias

Pete Papahereklis (AFP)
x-HOR Rep James Trafficant – wrote Tax Payers bill of Rights 1998
x-HOR Rep Cynthia McKinney – called for USS Liberty investigation
Shaun Houze  Hempzels

Susan Lindauer (whistle Blower)
Tarrah Beth - Sustainable food grown on the family farm

USS Liberty- Crew Member
Watchmen Militia group - Freebyrd

2013 Bands
BB Rock
Billy Patrick
Dana Gaynor Band
Dave Cahill & The Almighty Terribles
Dear Anna

Doug Hawk
Jordan White
Jesse Calhoun of the Ameros
Noble gas
Peter James
Phil Stahl
Primevil Atom
Scott Marshall
Secret system

----more bands to be announced